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Welcome to the Santa Clara ACM website! Join us on Tuesdays at 5:30 in the Bannan Lounge for tech demos and socializing with other computer science and engineering students. Chat about classes, labs, or anything else, and hear about our upcoming ACM events, from Hackathons to special coding lessons to exclusive tours in Silicon Valley companies!

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Meetings are completely open, and we welcome anybody interested in computers to join. Come meet your officers and other members so you can stay up-to-date. If you are interested in official membership, you can sign up easily from here and become a part of this international organization!

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About ACM

ACM is the organization for Computer Science and Computer Engineering inclined students. Our goal is to encourage the development of CS and CE skills in addition to providing networking and community volunteer opportunities for students at Santa Clara University.

ACM Officers

President: Robert Aldrich

Vice President: Roshan Ramankutty

Treasurer: Alex Choulos

Secretary: Charles Odei

Webmaster: Taylor Mau

Events Coordinator: Adithya Prabhakaran

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Silvia Figueira

ACM-W Officers

President: Paige Rogalski

Vice President: Tracey Acosta

Treasurer: Christina Farran

Secretary: Malika Mission

Events Coordinator: Astha Singh

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