ACM Board


Hey everyone! My name is Thomas and I’m currently a senior majoring in Computer Engineering here at SCU. To give you a brief taste of my programming background, I’ve previously interned at Apple and WhiteHat Security primarily working server-side operations. Outside the realm of computer science, I really enjoy spending time with friends and just making a fool of myself when playing sports like football, soccer, volleyball and more! I’m also a big fan of just getting outside to visit new sites and  meet more people! If you ever catch me around campus, don’t hesitate to stop me and say hi because I’d love to chat!

Vice President

I am a double major in Computer Science and Finance. Growing up in the bay, I'm familiar with much of what the Silicon Valley has to offer. In my free time you'll catch me sinking shots on the basketball court and showing off my victory dance. I love to meet new people and look at things in a new perspective so feel free to ask me anything!


I'm a sophomore studying Computer Engineering from the far away land of Sunnyvale. I enjoy playing tennis, piano, biking, travelling, hiking, and exploring. You can find me on the tennis courts, in the music building, or hiding in Dunne basement. Some programming interests include Android development, full stack web development, and machine learning. I'm super excited to meet any new members and am willing to answer any questions you may have!


Hey ACMers, I’m Angela, your secretary! I’m a Sophomore in Computer Engineering, and I haven’t really figured out where I’m going with my life yet. I’ve got a eclectic interest in things, but I’m usually up for most things, even if I don’t know much about them. And chances are, I probably don’t, but I’d love it if you told me all about them! Please feel free to ask anything at all, I’d be more than happy to help out!


Hello! I am a Computer Science and Engineering undergraduate student ('19) who was born in San Jose. I first started programming in 9th grade and have developed a passion for both tutoring peers and building products such as single-page web applications, internal APIs, and IRC bots ever since. Over the last five years, I have dabbled in over 14 programming languages and have interned at both startups and big companies. I'm excited to spend time with you (the awesome members) learning more and sharing information.


I am a double major in Computer Engineering and Mathematics from Washington state. My programming interests include full stack web development, animation, and machine learning. I enjoy tackling a good programming challenge and I love learning new technologies. When I'm not coding, I enjoy playing board games, cooking, and growing plants. I like meeting new people and hearing what projects they are working on — come say hi!


Hey guys, I’m Evan and I’m a Sophomore studying Computer Science and Engineering. My software interests include web development and cybersecurity. In addition to these interests, I spent a summer working with 3D printers at Hewlett Packard and would love to hear everyone’s diverse specialties and background! While I’m not coding, you can find me shooting hoops or discovering new food spots in the bay. Also, I’ll be snapping photos at our ACM events so be sure to smile!

Workshop Coordinator

I am a Computer Engineering major originally from the Greater Seattle Area. I enjoy developing and experimenting with new web technologies to make really cool applications. Beyond programming, I love playing video games, listening to music, and practicing the drums. Lastly, I have a passion for learning and working on new projects, so feel free to ask me about what new endeavors I am pursuing!

Underclassman Representative

Hey ACM Broncos! I’m currently a first year student from San Jose studying computer science. I like playing around with and reading into web development, internet of things, and data science. Aside from programming, I enjoy the art of dance — more specifically acrobatics, tap, ballet, and jazz. When I’m not dancing or programming, you can probably find me looking at memes and using the weary face emoji because it’s always a great day to be a bronco. Feel free to tag me in any funny memes you find on social media with the weary face emoji or reach out to me about anything else!

Underclassman Representative

Hi everyone! I am a freshman and a Computer Science student from the Seattle Area. I was really lucky to have discovered programming as my passion in the 9th grade. Since then, from building Xbox games to mobile apps to websites, I've been perusing projects that interest me. Not only do I enjoy learning about programming myself, I also love sharing that knowledge. In highschool, I worked as a CS instructor for over two years. I hope that as a board member at ACM, I can continue to make a positive impact on the CS community. When I'm not busy on a project or schoolwork, I enjoy biking, aerial photography, and spending time with friends. I love meeting new people, so feel free to reach out or talk to me anytime!

ACM-W Board


I am a senior who is majoring in Computer Science and Engineering and minoring in Bioengineering. I'm from Spokane, Washington. In addition to ACM-W, I am also involved on campus as the Managing Editor for the school's yearbook, an Engineering Peer Advisor, and an IoT Student Researcher for the COEN Department. In my free time, I like to spend time with my friends and family, discover new shows and movies, and play video games!


I am a Junior honors student studying Computer Science and Engineering with a math minor. Along with ACM-W, I am involved with Intandesh and the peer adviser program. I love to shop, work out, and eat carbs in my free time, as well as spend loads of time with my family and friends. I am an energetic gal with a passion for laughing and having fun! This year, I would love to see ACM-W continue to strengthen its identity as a community of women in computing willing to help one another to reach our goals in the classroom and beyond.


I am a Junior Computer Science and Engineering at Santa Clara University, where I am also pursuing a minor in Math. Currently, I am a Web Intern at the SCU Office of Marketing & Communications, I play Clarinet in the SCU Wind Symphony, and I hope to join an a Cappella group this year. I enjoy traveling, food, books, cinema, music, and arts such as drawing, photography, and graphic design.


I am a sophomore Computer Science and Engineering major. I enjoy volunteering, eating sushi and watching Gilmore Girls. Off campus, I am a member of Alpha Delta Pi. I became interested in coding through Girls Who Code and have been an active alumna for three years. I am very excited to be an officer for ACM-W this year!

Event Coordinator

Program Coordinator / Industry Liaison

Freshman Representative

I am a first-year Computer Science and Engineering major from the Bay Area pursuing minors in Mathematics and Women and Gender Studies. I am currently in SCU's Concert Choir and hope to join more vocal performance groups throughout my years here since my biggest passions are singing and music. I also enjoy concerts, the beach, traveling, poetry, and, of course, coding! I am so excited to be a part of ACM-W and hope to help empower other women in computing, STEM, and beyond!

Chapter Advisor


Prof. Yi Fang is an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Engineering who specializes in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. You can read more about his research here. He received his Ph.D. in computer science at Purdue University. He was awarded both Teacher of the Year and Researcher of the Year in 2017.