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Hello! I am a junior studying Computer Science from Seattle, WA. I've tried to touch as many fields as I can in the world of CS, but I'm particularly interested in game development, mobile app development, and machine learning. I really enjoy working on personal projects and participating in hackathons (I strongly recommend this – it's the best way to learn). Outside of the tech world, I enjoy biking, hiking, and going on adventures. I'm super excited to put on some amazing events and grow the ACM community this year! Please reach out and I would love to help you get connected with the best community on campus.

Vice President

Hey ACMers! I’m currently a junior studying Computer Science from San Jose. In general, I like to do cool things with good people! This can range from learning more about IoT through research with my peers, to crafting a music box at the SCU Maker Space with my friends. Overall, I’m excited to further explore and build upon my passions with you all, so feel free to come up to me or contact me about anything and everything!


I am a junior Computer Science and Mathematics Double Major from Reno, NV. I'll be studying abroad in London during the fall quarter, so you won't see me until winter! I am currently trying to explore the field of computer science and learn as much as I can. Some of my interests are: hiking, trying to read through my backlog of books, and playing video/board games. I am excited to see ACM grow both as a professional organization and as a community. I am also always excited to talk about programming and see what others are working on. Feel free to reach out and ask me any questions!


Hello! I am a sophomore Computer Engineering Major and Entrepreneurship minor from Palo Alto. My interest in coding starting a young age when I made a basic app and uploaded it to the App Store. Since then, I have been exploring mobile app development, AWS, and other random interesting things! I also enjoy good food, boba, and memes. As treasurer I hope to help host some cool events and fundraisers. Feel free to reach out!


I am a senior Computer Science and Engineering major from Tennessee. I’m especially interested in exploring the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. I love sharing my computing knowledge with others. Last year, I helped bring a program, SWE++, to SCU that teaches middle school girls coding skills. I’m especially interested in conferences and networking events that are particular to women and other minorities it tech. Outside of programming, I love hiking, playing board games, and speaking French. I studied abroad in France last year, and I’d be happy to talk to you about the study abroad experience--it’s possible--even for engineers! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me about coding, ACM, or life in general. I’d love to meet you!

Workshop Coordinator

Hello! I am currently a junior studying Computer Science and Engineering. You won't see me fall quarter as I'll be studying abroad in Edinburgh but I'll be at all events starting winter quarter. When I am here (and not doing homework) you can find me reading, meditating, procrastinating, lying on the lawn between classes and working on side projects. I love building cool complex things especially in my areas of interest such as decentralization, distributed systems, virtual reality, and gaming. I also love to travel, camp, play games, cook, and of course take care of my family's chickens. If you are new to computer science, have similar interests, or just have questions I would be happy to chat!

Outreach Coordinator

Hey ACMers, I’m Kade. This year I will be a Junior Computer Science and Engineering major with a minor in Mathematics. My main passion is cybersecurity, but I also like messing around with servers, databases, and low-level computing. I had a lot of fun this last summer reverse engineering and categorizing malware at Proofpoint. Outside of the computer lab, you can usually find me playing pickup soccer around campus or hanging out on the first floor of Swig (where I am a CF!).  If you ever want to talk about cybersecurity or other developments in the industry, don't hesitate to hit me up on the ACM Slack channel or talk to me in person at our meetings!

Hackathon Coordinator

I’m a senior studying Computer Engineering from Sunnyvale! I enjoy playing tennis, piano, travelling, and hiking. Regarding computer science, I discovered this as a passion early on high school, having worked mostly on Java applications. Since then I’ve developed a few more interests such as data science, machine learning, and full stack web development. These past two summers I’ve interned at Amazon, working mostly with Java web applications, internal testing tools, and other projects within Amazon Fulfillment Technologies. Whether you are working on personal projects or course work, I am always excited to help out! I really look forward to meeting and spending time with all of you awesome ACM members!


Underclassmen Representative

Hi! I’m Michelle and I’m a freshman computer science and engineering major from Fremont. I enjoy reading, painting, drawing, playing volleyball, and meeting new people. I first got interested in computer science in my sophomore year of high school when I learned Java through YouTube tutorials. Some areas that I think are really cool are artificial intelligence, cyber security, and computer vision. I can’t wait to go to all the events and meet everyone, so if you see me say hi!

Underclassmen Representative

Hi everyone, my name is Luke Poltorak, from Philadelphia, PA. I am a freshman here at Santa Clara, studying Computer Science and Mathematics. I have long had a passion for tinkering with electronics, mostly old laptops and retro game consoles. My real area of expertise is within the field of robotics, having started and ran my high school's only robotics club. Outside of the world of computers, you can find me playing games like GTA, gorging on Korean barbecue, or working on productions in Mayer theatre's sound booth. As one of your ACM underclassmen representatives, I am looking forward to hearing all of your feedback and reaching all our goals together!

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Hello! I’m a junior majoring in Computer Science and Engineering and minoring in Economics. I’m from Honolulu, Hawaii but I was actually born in Singapore! I enjoy going to the beach, paddling, hiking (easy hikes), running, and binge watching a bunch of shows on Netflix. I also love traveling and some of the places I’ve been include Malaysia, Thailand, and Shanghai. I’m always up for an adventure which includes getting sushi and boba. You can probably catch me laying at a beach with a bunch of snacks. I’m super excited to be ACM-W’s Co-President this year, and I can’t wait to get to know everyone and to empower more women! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!


I am a junior Computer Science and Engineering major, minoring in Mathematics and Economics. I am also the Lead Peer Advisor for the School of Engineering Peer Advising Program and sing in the Santa Clara Concert Choir. I am super passionate about singing and all things music! I play three instruments, speak three languages, and love food with all of my being. When I’m not singing or coding, you’ll probably find me eating some crazy awesome food at a restaurant I probably just found out about! I’m a proud steminist and concert-junkie, and I love the beach, traveling, realistic fiction, and poetry. Feel free to reach out to me, whether you’re new to SCU and want to get involved with ACM-W or you just want to chat! I am looking forward to leading ACM-W this year in building our community of female computer scientists and empowering all women in computing, STEM, and beyond!


Hey there! My name is Stephanie and I’m a sophomore Computer Science and Engineering major from San Jose. I was introduced to programming late in high school and am passionate about expanding the reach of computer science education. Along with ACM-W, I am also the Culture Show Director for APSU, the Asian Pacific-Islander Student Union. Outside of class, I love all things related to nature and the arts. You can usually find me drawing, cloud-gazing, watching films, or playing the violin/ukulele/piano. Feel free to reach out for whatever reason!


Hello! My name is Nidusha and I am a sophomore studying Computer Science and Engineering with a minor in Entrepreneurship. Other than computer science, I love dancing, playing the keyboard and traveling! I am super excited to be on the board of ACM-W and hope to help and encourage all women in STEM. Feel free to reach out with whatever questions you might have!

Internal Event Coordinator

Hello! I am a sophomore majoring in Computer Science and Engineering. I’m a steminist who’s extremely passionate about bridging the gender gap in Computer Science, and I want to encourage more females to join the exciting world of coding to prove that our potential supersedes the apparent gender bias. Besides ACM-W, I am also the Programming Director and a DJ at SCU’s student-run radio station, KSCU! Overall, I’m a huge music nerd and concert junkie (this includes musicals/Broadway shows of course), and I love anything that has to do with music. Some of my hobbies include making apps, attending coding competitions (hackathons), dancing, traveling, and getting coffee/boba with friends. I’m super excited to continue working on board with ACM-W and I can’t wait for what this year holds!

External Event Coordinator

My name is Yuka Hatori, and I am a junior studying computer science and engineering. I am from Irvine, CA, but I moved to the Bay area with my sister. I'm interested in robotics, security, and AI. I actually became interested in coding because I would spend hours playing Sims 3 collecting gnomes and I thought it was cool that someone had to code all of it. Outside of school, I love to read, cook, spend time with my dog, and play tennis. I hope to contribute to the club and encourage women to pursue their STEM ambitions!

Public Relations Officer

I’m a senior Computer Science and Engineering major with a minor in Spanish. I’m also a member of SWE and SCU Abroad Ambassadors. I studied abroad in Madrid last fall and absolutely loved it! This past summer I interned at VSP working on their International Portal website. While at school I work part-time at Il Fornaio as a host. Outside of school I enjoy hanging out with friends, going to Orange Theory, and listening to music and podcasts. Let me know if you have any questions about getting involved on campus or studying abroad—I’m always happy to help!

Hackathon Coordinator

I am a junior majoring Computer Science and Engineering. I'm from Canton, China, thus I can speak both Mandarin and Cantonese. I have also learned Spanish for three years in high school, but now the only sentence that I can remember is "Hola, cómo estás?". Feel free to say hi to me in Spanish. Other than that, I am doing undergraduate research on IoT and neural network. During my spare time, I like traveling, shopping, watching movies, and listening to music. I have been to Europe, Singapore, and South Korea. Last spring break I went to Cancun, which was super fun and relaxing. I'm really excited to be a member of ACM-W board again and looking forward to working with all the members and planning out all the events.

First Year Representative

Heya! My name is Rosaura Hernandez Roman (you can just call me Rosie), I’m a first year, and my major is Computer Science & Engineering. I’m from East Side San Jose, CA. I became interested in Computer Science through Girls Who Code during the 2018 summer at Adobe. In my free time I’m either playing pool or watching animal videos. I’m a huge dog person so if there’s ever a dog on campus feel free to send me a picture because I will certainly be on my way to pet them. I’m super honored to be the First Year Representative and I promise to work hard. I can’t wait to spend time and make friendships with the wonderful people in our club!


Chapter Advisor

ACM Advisor

Prof. Yi Fang is an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Engineering who specializes in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. You can read more about his research here. He received his Ph.D. in computer science at Purdue University. He was awarded both Teacher of the Year and Researcher of the Year in 2017.

ACM-W Advisor

Dr. Silvia Figueira received her B.S. and M.S. degrees in Computer Science from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Brazil, and her Ph.D. degree also in Computer Science from the University of California, San Diego. Currently, she is an Associate Professor of Computer Engineering at Santa Clara University. Her research is in the area of performance evaluation and prediction, recently with a focus on energy efficiency. She is also the director of the SCU Frugal Innovation Hub, in which she leads the Mobile Lab and advises students working on mobile applications for under-served communities and emerging markets. She has published over 70 papers and has established several collaborations with both companies in Silicon Valley and social entrepreneurs in the United States and abroad.

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