ACM Board


Alex Choulos is a Senior Computer Engineering major who has been a part of SCU ACM since his freshman year. His programming experience includes Android and web on both the front-end and back-end, and his work experience includes an internship with Google. He frequently attends hackathons and enjoys playing with new technologies. Other hobbies and interests include digital illustration, rock climbing, hiking, indie music and sweaters.

Vice President

Taylor is a double major in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering. She is also from Hawaii. She loves getting involved in numerous things so many of you will probably see her running around from meeting to meeting, but feel free to ask her anything! She'll be glad to help. In her free time you will find her laser cutting or 3D printing things in the Maker Lab. She also loves to code and go to hackathons!


Kevin is a double major in Computer Science and Finance. Growing up in the bay he's familiar with much of what the Silicon Valley has to offer. In his free time you'll catch him sinking shots on the basketball court and showing off his victory dance. Kevin loves to meet new people and look at things in a new perspective so feel free to ask him anything!


Thomas is a double major in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering. Traveling from the lengths of Cupterino, Thomas brings his legendary badminton talents to Santa Clara University. Aside from the time he smashes the shuttlecock, he is very involved with campus organizations that work with sustainable housing, and robotic competitions! Be sure to talk to Thomas sometime and ask about his projects!


Thomas is just totally awesome. And although he is the webmaster writing these descriptions, I guarentee he's a quality guy. He's a Junior studying Computer Engineering with experience in Full Stack Web Development and IOT Development. Aside from the time you'll see him having the time of his life in the library, you can find him mingling at Mission Bakery or taking photos across campus! He definitely wants to meet new people and hear what you have to say so don't shy away from approaching him!


Julian is a Senior studying Computer Engineering. Flying in from the arid plains of New Mexico, Julian brings his interest of programming to the Silicon Valley which has led him to winning BroncoHack 2016! Outside from his hours of code, you'll often find Julian snapping a photo of you during our events while offering you one of his very own baked cookies! He also loves the outdoors so be sure to ask him about that!

Underclassman Representative

Paul Ahrens is a Sophomore Computer Engineer originally from the Greater Seattle Area. He enjoys web development and experimenting with new technologies to make really cool sites. Beyond programming, Paul enjoys playing video games, listening to music, and practicing the drums. He has a passion for learning and working on new projects, so feel free to ask him about what new endeavors he is pursuing!

Underclassman Representative

Angela is a Freshman majoring in Computer Engineering from Nevada. Outside of coding, she often enjoys reading, writing, and drawing, but what she really loves are cats and sleep. This year, she’s hoping to try some new things As a first year student, she may not be very experienced, but she’s super excited to get to know all her fellow ACMers! She’d love to meet you all! And if you have any questions, feel free to ask. She’d be delighted to help out in any way!

ACM-W Board


Muna is a Senior Computer Engineering major here at SCU. After two years of being a faithful member of ACM-W she decided to take a leadership position in her favorite club on campus. On her down time she likes to catch up on sleep and the various TV shows she keeps up with as well as play a little game of softball with her friends. ACM-W is the place where Muna bonded with other women in the computer science who go through similar situations as herself in the male dominated field of engineering. She hopes with the help of her amazing board this year, ACM-W will be the space for women in the computer science and engineering to feel motivated and supported.

Vice President

Malika is a Sunior Computer Science and Engineering major at Santa Clara University! Over the years at SCU she has been very involved on and off campus. Off campus she is an active member of ADPI and on campus she is the Vice President of the Association for Computing Machinery- Women's Chapter and a member of the Society of Women Engineers. Her passions include technology, traveling, trying new restaurants and spending time with family and friends.


Lauryn Gayhardt is a Senior Computer Science major. She is a Media Systems Assistant with SCU's Academic Technology, CS TA, and a member of the Peer Judicial Board. She enjoys editing videos, dance, ice skating, anime, and board games. She hopes to one day work for the government in Artificial Intelligence or Computer Security.

Activities Coordinator

Sanah is one of the activities coordinator for ACM-W. She is a Junior majoring in Computer Engineering. When she is not coding, she enjoys trying new restaurants, going to the beach and doing BuzzFeed quizzes. Sanah loves ACM-W because as a female in engineering it’s easy to feel outnumbered by the boys; this club is a great way to both find networking opportunities and get to know some smart, driven women. Neesha and Sanah are really excited to plan some fun and educational activities for ACM-W this year!

Activities Coordinator/ eWeek Liaison

Neesha is a Junior honors student studying Computer Science and Engineering with a math minor. Along with ACM-W, she is involved with Intandesh and the peer adviser program. Neesha loves to shop, work out, and eat carbs in her free time, as well as spend loads of time with her family and friends. She is an energetic gal with a passion for laughing and having fun! This year, she would love to see ACM-W continue to strengthen its identity as a community of women in computing willing to help one other reach her goals in the classroom and beyond.

Industry Liaison

As Senior at Santa Clara University, Christina is majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. This is her second year as an ACM-W officer, and is dedicated to the clubs message! She will be spending the fall quarter abroad in London, but is excited to bring back her experience to help the club!

Chapter Advisor


Prof. Silvia Figueira is the advisor for both the ACM and ACM-W chapters. She is an Associate Professor of Computer Engineering, and she helped to create both chapters and to launch our first hackathon. She is also the director of the SCU Frugal Innovation Lab, in which she leads the Mobile Lab and advises students working on mobile applications for under-served communities and emerging markets.