Now is the time. SCUACM’s third annual code-focused, social good hackathon!

WHEN    •    NOW!
WHERE    •    SCU, Locatelli Activity Center

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WiFi Info

Everyone, including SCU students, should connect to:
Password: vulnerable


10am: Event begins.
Light breakfast and introductions
11am: Looma Q&A, Hacking begins
The hackage begins! Also, Skip Stritter of Looma will give a Looma demo, more info on potential Looma projects, and will answer any questions.
12:30pm: Lunch
Fuel up. Yum yum :)
1:30pm: Machine Learning Tutorial w/ Blake Tsuzaki
Blake will give a tutorial on machine learning using
7pm: Dinner
Take a break from your code and grab dat grub.
9pm: Super Smash Bros. Sesh
'Nuff said.
12am: Midnight Snack and Board Games
You didn't sign up for this to get a good night's sleep. Grab some dessert, and join us for some big-group board games if you have some time to kill.
7:30am: Breakfast
You're in the home stretch. Start thinking about a two-minute pitch.
10am: Coding Stops
Finish typing your last line of code and post your app on the H4H Devpost site before the deadline, 10:45am. Prepare your two-minute pitch.
10:30am: SCUACM Board goes to each group
A group of two SCUACM Board members will go to your team and hear your two-minute pitch.
11:15am: Lunch
Dig in and cross your fingers!
11:40am: Top Seven Announced
Top Seven will be announced. If your group made Top Seven, start preparing a three-minute on-stage presentation for the industry judges. You can use the projector if you wish. If you didn't make Top Seven, stick around to see what other groups came up with.
12:15pm: Top Seven Presentations
The Top Seven groups will present to the industry judges.
1pm: Judges Convene
Judges will carefully decide on the winners, based on technical impressiveness, creativity, social good potential, and presentation.
1:15pm: Winners Announced
Thank you for helping make Hack for Humanity awesome. See you next year!

App Submission

App submission should be completed at 10am, via No need to upload your code, just add a brief text description of your project, add some images, and include all of your team members. The deadline for submission is 10:45am.


Blake Tsuzaki: Blake is a Junior COEN major at SCU, and has full-stack experience.
Danny Hernandez: Danny is a Senior COEN major at SCU, and has web front-end and NodeJS back-end experience.
Vincente Ciancio: Vincente is a Senior COEN major at SCU, and has over four years of experience in Android development.

Contact Us

Facebook: SCUACM Presents - Hack for Humanity

Prompts (Optional)

Looma is a portable computer and projector box designed for use in classrooms in developing nations. It uses a wand to navigate the screen. It provides Internet connection via mobile data networks and Wi-Fi, it will run web-apps, and the hardware is extensible. Looma boxes and code will be at the hackathon for students to work with and test their projects. Click here for more.
The Catholic Charities of Santa Clara
The Catholic Charities of Santa Clara provide a wide variety of services all intended to help people rise out of poverty. Hack for Humanity projects could improve the existing basic job skills training, immigration test training, or nutrition information and nutrition programs that the Catholic Charities provide with web or mobile applications. Check out the list of all their services in case you're interested in developing a tool to facilitate one of them.