Hack for the Homeless
Santa Clara University | 500 El Camino Real | February 28 - March 1 , 2014

Hack for a cause

Nowadays, almost everybody owns a smartphone that can connect to the internet – including a large and growing number of homeless people. These phones can provide them access to resources they wouldn't have otherwise, such as information on food services, medical help, and other aid. They also serve as the sole means by which a homeless person can be contacted, as they don't have a static home address or home phone.

Unfortunately, there are very few applications built specifically for homeless people. This hackathon aims to change that: in just one day, we can create smartphone apps or websites that will aid the homeless for years to come. We've listed the specific projects you can work on in our projects section – or, if you've got an idea for a helpful project of your own, you can work on that instead. So come out and join us, and make a difference in the lives of local homeless people!

Hack for fun

Alternatively, you and your team can implement any project of your choosing. Literally, any project. This event does have an open category, with separate judging and separate prizes.

When and Where

Locatelli Building at Santa Clara University

February 28 (Friday) 5:00 PM - March 1 (Saturday) 7:00 PM

Locatelli Building, 500 El Camino Real, Santa Clara CA 95050