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Ever want to learn a new language or skill, but didn't know where to start? Team Treehouse offers a variety of tutorials and video tutorials that help you walk through the fundamentals of whichever topic you may be exploring.

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Computer Science Education Resource Guide

SmartScholar's guide to Computer Science

How to Become a Data Analyst is a website dedicated to outlining everything Data Science for students interested in furthering their education in STEM related fields, specifically in the Technology departments. They have great resources for all the different data science, data analytics, and data engineering graduate programs as well as comprehensive information about what these different fields are and the variety of career paths.

Their team meticulously researches online and on-campus master programs offered by colleges and universities by each state to help provide context to aspiring students. They use proprietary methods and real-time analytics to gather and compare all of the variables: university reputation, accreditation, tuition, admission requirements, etc. They even provide information on local events like conferences and workshops.